Local resident brings trending workout to the four states

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JOPLIN, Mo. — One Joplin resident is bringing a trending workout to the four states.

Jordan Tasker is the ruck leader for Rucking 44 Ruck Club.

Rucking requires minimal equipment, including a backpack or ruck sack and either sand, bricks, or a steel plate for weight.

All you do is put the backpack on and walk for a certain distance.

Tasker says rucking is a low impact workout that burns just as many calories as running.

You can learn new things while rucking in a group.

Jordan Tasker, Rucking 44 Ruck Leader, says, “You make a lot of friends, and it builds character. You learn a lot of team building activities, and we usually have a lot of heavier weights where you can’t carry it by yourself, so you have to learn to work as a group.”

Jordan adds all events are posted on Rucking 44 Ruck Club Facebook page.

For a link to the Facebook page, click here.

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