JOPLIN, Mo. — According to an unknown source, it’s not a question of if the Supreme Court will overturn the ruling of “Roe v. Wade”, it’s when. But how will that affect the law in area states like Missouri?

According to State Representative Ben Baker, Missouri law will mirror that of national law.

“In Missouri, we’ve already put in, in 2019 we passed the “Heart Beat Bill” and within that is a trigger so that if “Roe v. Wade” on the national level by the Supreme Court, then it’s automatically outlawed in the State of Missouri with some exceptions,” said Representative Ben Baker, District 160, Newton County.

“We still do have a method and ways in which questions can be put on the ballot so I mean it’s possible that the voters could have a say on that, I wouldn’t be against that, but I think what the legislature has done, which of course is elected by the people is reflective of what the voters believe and desire to see,” said Representative Dirk Deaton, District 159, Newton & McDonald Counties.

Both men were among the guest speakers earlier this week for an Eggs & Issues event on the campus of Crowder College.