KSNF — This week is “National Safe Kids Week.”

Kids are about to end their school year and summer is just around the corner. Local experts urge parents, guardians and families to check on their summer safety knowledge.

“So, just brushing up on knowledge, always know what’s going around. Because, each year brings different safety concerns. I just saw a report on ticks in the area bringing alpha-gal syndrome. So, now that we’re going outside, making sure you’re being tick preventative, so every year brings something new – just stay alert, stay aware, and be preventative,” said Kaylea Furgerson, The Alliance of Southwest Missouri.

Area experts are also discussing water safety, especially in crowded pools or natural waters – making sure life vests fit properly and that sunscreen is not already expired.

“And then swimming, you want to make sure there’s more than one lifeguard on duty, um, there’s a lot of people in a swimming pool, so that, you know, if the parent, um, has more than one child, that there’s a lifeguard available to help save, um, the child,” said Amia Warren, Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri.

“We really struggle with undercurrents around here in our natural waters. Because we have a lot of stream and cave-fed water sources, so we get a lot of undercurrents. So, the water may seem really calm on the top, but underneath, it can get you, and that’s where a lot of the deaths that we see,” added Furgerson.

In the Four State area, biking during the summer months is very common. Child safety experts tell us the most important tips for bike safety.

“Making sure they’re wearing a helmet, wearing reflective clothing, and that they know and understand traffic signs, so that way whenever they’re going to cross the street or go through a yield sign or anything like that, that they understand that they also need to stop, that they need to look both ways before they cross the street, and that they know which ways cars are traveling,” Furgerson said.

“It’s best for a child to wear closed-toe shoes to prevent their foot from getting hurt,” added Warren.

You can find more information from the Alliance of SWMO here.

We have more information about Safe Kids Week here.