PARSONS, Kans. — No one has the same path in their academic career.

It’s this idea that’s leading to a major change at Labette Community College.

“This is a big change in our class scheduling, we understand that, we know that, but our students spoke and we listened,” said Bethany Kendrick, LCC Director of Public Relations.

Starting this summer, Labette Community College will be changing its class schedules. Aside from a few courses, the school will soon operate on a four day school week instead of five.

“We’re going to try this for the next academic year, and we really think this will help in recruitment strategies internally for us, as well as the retention of our students and the eventual success of our students as well,” she added.

LCC will also change when it has its classes each day, starting on the hour or half-hour instead of five, 10, or 20 minutes after. These changes hope to allow students to have greater control in their schedules and access to campus resources outside of class.

“Come for tutoring services, be advised on campus, even something as simple as utilizing the computer labs to work on homework, visit with instructors, to help them with that educational process they may not be able to do on campus Monday through Thursday while they’re taking classes. We have a large number of non-traditional students that also have a need to work, to take care of family obligations,” said Kendrick. “So that three-day weekend essentially is a great way for our students to be able to schedule themselves, for coursework, for outside work and for family time as well. We really do feel that this is going to be such a positive change for our students, as well as new and potential students that this new schedule will work out really well for them.”