Local club seeking artist to create sculpture for Mercy Park’s Rotary Sculpture Garden; $5000 budget

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Are you an artist? Know an artist? The Joplin Daybreak Rotary Club is seeking proposals for an artist to create a sculpture for the Rotary Sculpture Garden within Mercy Park in Joplin.

This sculpture is commemorating the club’s 30th anniversary which took place March 11, 2021.

The Joplin Daybreak Rotary Club is hoping to find a local artist to fulfill this project, but is accepting proposals from anyone interested.

The budget for the sculpture is $5,000. The club is specifically seeking a sculpture relating to water, since clean H2O is a focus of the club.

“Rotary International has always had a big focus on clean water,” said President of the Joplin Daybreak Rotary Club Laurie Delano. “That’s our goal, to work in something around the water.”

“Ducks, water birds, or an abstract piece that can be incorporated around the water setting in existence at the park” are a few suggestions of the club.

But they’re “not going to look at just that theme,” says Delano. Other ideas will be considered.

The sculpture must be made from durable material like bronze, stone, marble, or stainless steel and be able to withstand the effects of weather.

Recognition will be given to the artist in a bronze plaque at the sculpture.

Currently, the Rotary Sculpture Garden has 12 sculptures installed throughout the park.

“Right now, the sculptures that have been donated – neither one of the rotary clubs have done one specifically, so we wanted to do that,” said Delano.

If you are interested in creating this art piece, contact Delano at ldelano1973@outlook.com by June 10, 2021.

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