Lawrence County Historical Society shows film for residents to enjoy

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MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — Locals come together to reminisce on their ancestry while viewing a historic film.

On Sunday, the Lawrence County Historical Society took attendees back in time to 1947.

The society found antique footage of life in Lawrence County during that time.

For organizers, it means a lot to show that this film was still recognizable even with all the time that has passed.

Many even dressed up as their ancestors and brought items to help showcase what life was like for them.

Gary Daughtrey, Lawrence County Historical Society President, says, “It’s good to know this stuff. I think it’s interesting these people. You can do the research and find out when they were born and died and who they married and when they were buried. You flesh out the people to get know something about them.”

This event is apart of Lawrence County celebrating 175 years.

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