LAMAR, Mo. — The Lamar Career and Technical Center honored its seniors Friday morning at the Thiebaud Auditorium in Lamar.

Close to 80 seniors from nine communities were recognized and celebrated on Friday. Some of these seniors were even inducted into the National Technical Honor Society and many received scholarships to colleges.

“I was in the Health Occupations Program, and we just took our CNA test, I’m a certified nursing assistant. It was a lot of stress leading up to it, but now I’m kind of just coasting I feel like, I’m about to end my senior year, so I’m relieved pretty much,” said Jillian Hunes, Senior.

These seniors have received certifications in several different industries — from automobile repair, welding, and computer science to graphic design and healthcare careers.

“So, our automotive group, uh, we test them in ASE, and then our welding is AWS, or American Welding Society, um, our, uh, graphic design is Adobe, and so computer science is TestOut Pro, and they’ll actually take their CompTia, uh, next week, and so, each of these programs all, um, test in, um, areas that which certifies them for their program,” said Brian Gillis, LCTC Director.

Friday’s ceremony saw more visitors than just the students and their families.

“It’s amazing how many colleges and, uh, employers showed up. You know, it just makes me feel good knowing that our kids are well prepared and going to be ready to go for the next step in life,” he added.

Many of the seniors will continue their education in college while others who received certifications, plan to go straight into the workforce.

“I’m actually going into line-men school, and learning how to operate tabs and cuts threads, it’ll help me, uh, maintain equipment as I go on throughout the career,” said Jake Polodna, Senior.