LAMAR, Mo. — A local senior has been accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Jacob Morrison is graduating from Lamar High School this Sunday, and in one month, he’ll be taking a very big step. He accepted an offer on April 26th to go to West Point in New York, something he has wanted since the 3rd grade.

Jacob remembers the special day he was accepted very well.

“Well originally, I saw it leaning up against the door to my house. And then, I saw it was from West Point, and I got really excited, all of a sudden. I went home, I was the only one home, so it was just me and my dog when I opened it. And then, I just remember reading the letter with pure excitement and joy, knowing that it all paid off in the end,” Jacob said.

The application process took him about a year, but the process of qualifying, was an even longer journey.

“The first thing would be advanced classes – AP. They weighted my GPA and made it competitive. The second would be a high ACT score. Working on that, overall made this possible. And then, probably the most important thing for me, was joining the National Guard. With it, I joined the National Guard, and they saw it as a show of commitment, like I was actually committed to the idea of it. And so, overall, it worked out well for me. And I got a nomination from my Unit Commander and Vicky Hartzler herself. So, it sort of doubled up nominations and kind of made my application bullet-proof,” he said.

Outside of academics, Jacob attributes this success to his mentality.

“So, the mentality I’ve held for the past couple years of high school whenever things get hard, is that I just need to focus through it and eventually all the hard times will end. With that, I’m carrying that to West Point, sort of the fact of academics, athletics, anything that comes difficult: basic training with the National Guard this past summer, anything that challenges me, or makes everything hurt, can be and will eventually be, and then as long as I’m able to focus up and push through it, I’ll succeed in the end,” said Jacob.

Jacob is also finishing high school as the Salutatorian of the Lamar Class of 2022.