LAMAR, Mo. — The City of Lamar is warning residents of heat concerns.

The two sources of electricity in Lamar are wind turbines that can account for up to 30% of electricity. The other source is a single-generator facility providing the majority of power for the city.

With temperatures being over 90 degrees and the wind tapering off, the wind turbines will not produce much power which requires the generator facility to work even harder.

City officials are asking residents to be mindful of conserving electricity.

“Not doing things like cooking or heavy electric activities like running an electric dryer or washing machine for clothes. Those types of things, those activities can be put off until after 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening, or done before 2 o’clock in the day. That can really help keep the demand on the system down,” said Russ Worsley, Lamar Administrator.

Lamar city officials do say they are not concerned about losing power at this time.