LAMAR, Mo. — Dinosaurs are spending some time inside a church in Lamar. Dinosaurs are part of a Mobile Museum of Earth History.

It’s at the First Christian Church of Lamar on Walnut Street. The organization in charge of the free exhibit is the Creation Truth Foundation based in Noble, Oklahoma; it’s about 10-miles south of Norman.

Since yesterday at the church, kids and their parents have had the chance to check out a number of items making up a world class collection of dinosaur fossils.

“This guy here was first found in Alberta, Canada, okay? This specific animal was found in Montana. Well, they may never get to go see the actual ones, so these are research replicas just like you find in every natural history museum, and so these pieces, very rarely, some students ever get to see, so we have the opportunity to bring them in, be able to share them with whoever would like to see them,” said Matt Miles, CTF President.

“So, we’ve been partnering with Creation Truth Foundation for probably 10 or 12 years now. This is, I believe, the 4th of 5th time we’ve had them in Lamar to share their knowledge, their expertise, as well as their incredible museum collection,” added Evan Clements, FCC Children’s Minister.

Folks can check it out again tonight. A nighttime session begins at 6:30.

Two more will take place tomorrow. The first starts at 9 a.m. — the second at 6:30.

It’s all free.