LAMAR, Mo. — Some Lamar High School art students are making a positive impact on their town.

Candy Hill’s art class have been planning for this mural since 2019. The mural is not quite finished, but once complete, it will be a 3-D interactive mural. Mrs. Hill and 27 students have worked on the painting portion of this project this week.

Smalley and Associates were happy to have the students paint this on their building.

Mrs. Hill and her students say their goal is to bring positivity to those visiting Lamar’s square.

“The hope is, in a time like we are in now, with covid and post-covid, and everything, we’re really hoping that this will just lift people’s spirits and give them something bright and happy to look at when they’re driving down the square,” said Mrs. Hill.

“When you’re driving around our square, immediately you see this big, bright mural and it makes you smile,” said Peggy Smalley, Owner of Smalley and Associates.

“We’re just trying to share positivity. Have everybody get like, great words to kind of lift them up,” said Hailey Huskey, Lamar High School Junior.

The mural is expected to be finished in just a few weeks.