Labor Day weekend crashes began early, Uber and Lyft are options

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• Statistics for weekend highway crashes begins at 5:00PM on Fridays and this crash happened just about an hour before the count.

• Uber Mom says Uber & Lyft drivers are available all weekend in large numbers, so be safe.

(64804) — If you see someone swerving all over the road and call police or 911 that report is called a C&I driver. Sometimes it might be a medical issue, seizure, diabetic, heart attack. But most other times it’s an impaired driver from alcohol or drugs.

Sadly it seems today is the latter since the driver of the vehicle that ended his string of crashes here had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.


“We will have plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers out all weekend. Most of the drivers drive for both companies. It sounds complicated but it’s not,” Uber Mom tells Joplin News First.

“Just download either app, enter a credit or debut card where you can use it for charges on a ride. You can see what the wait time is, how many drivers are close. It’s super cool.

And before you do anything stupid this weekend, just remember the judge won’t be in until Tuesday…just saying,” Uber Mom reminds us with her wisdom.


Charges have not been brought according to the Webb City Missouri Police Department pending formal charges. But reading through the charges this person might be a chronic offender:

Charges of Felony Driving While Revoked; Felony Driving While Intoxicated – Assault 2nd; Felony Resisting Arrest by Flight; Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Crash; Property Damage; and Open Container of Alcoholic Beverage are pending against the 57-year old white male driver from Webb City. -Webb City Police Department

HOW DID IT HAPPEN (taken from press release)
On Friday, August 31, 2018 at 14:14 C&I driver reporter near Madison & MacArthur. At 14:33 officers with the Webb City Police Department located the pickup on Madison near Sixteenth Street and attempted to stop it but the driver fled driving the pickup westbound on Fountain from Madison. 
The pickup struck a vehicle near the intersection of Fountain and Lakeview then continued driving westbound on Fountain. The pickup struck another vehicle that was stopped for a stop light on Fountain at North Main pushing that vehicle into a third vehicle also stopped at the stop light.

2 persons had no injuries, one 22 year old male trasnported to a hospital and the CNI driver was transported too.


Two crash incidents, 4 vehicles, 2 persons non-injury and 2 persons transported, no status of condition.


Uber Mom is a long-time friend and commentator on @JoplinNewsFirst. You can find her blog with great information on rideshare for riders or potential drivers

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