JOPLIN, Mo. — Kansas City University-Joplin is celebrating its second graduating class of Physicians.

This afternoon 156 Physicians graduated from KCU-Joplin at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center at MSSU.

Eight of those Physicians will be staying in Joplin and will be working at Freeman Health System.

With coronavirus restrictions lifted this was the first commencement where they had no masking or social distancing.

“I’m so ready to be hands on. I just cant wait to be in the hospital taking care of patients and developing my clinical and surgical skills and stepping into what this role will look life for me in decades to come,” said Dr. Blair Freed, KCU-Joplin graduate.

“Surreal, humbling, but exciting we have a great future ahead of us. Excited to get out in the Joplin community. I’ll be training at Freeman. I’m excited to work and learn and serve the people of this community I love,” said Dr. Robert Steel, KCU-Joplin graduate.

“Many transitions in life birth, weddings, graduations and these of course as a medical educator are near and dear and close to my heart,” said Dr. Laura Rosch, KCU-Joplin Dean.

Today’s ceremony wrapped up with eight physicians commissioning into the armed forces.