KANSAS — The state of Kansas has a resource to report concerns about school safety.

In 1999, the Kansas Safe Schools Hotline was created to provide a way to report safety concerns to law enforcement. It’s available 24-7, and there’s also an option to report concerns online.

Department of Education officials say this resource is an option for every student, parent, school staff member, or community member.

Officials also say many Kansas residents are unaware that this exists.

“Is it really worth calling 911? Is it an emergency? I just don’t know, but someone needs to know. Man, something is going on or I heard this, or I saw this. Especially with social media, it gives that platform for people to report. And we know that a lot of times in our schools, events that take place are talked about prior,” said John Calvert, Director of the Safe and Secure Schools Unit, Kansas State Department of Education.

Calvert says reports can be made anonymously.

To check out the service, click here.