“Kansas Can Success Tour” assisting in student success and progression in education statewide

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KANSAS — The goal is connecting kids to the right jobs in the 21st century and now state education leaders are touring Kansas to check progress and set new goals.

The Kansas Commissioner of Education has already traveled through 20 cities in the sunflower state, but he’s got even more to go.

Mark Tallman, a board member of the Kansas Association of School, said “Be better for workforce, they’ll be better for our communities most importantly better for our students end.”

It’s called the “Kansas Can Success Tour” which will be stopping in both Galena and Pittsburg. Kansas Commissioner of Education Randy Watson wants to look at goals set six years ago and if those need an update.

Watson said “We’re really talking about the skill sets that make students successful. Technology could be one of those, but we’ll be going over those skill sets, how should schools be organized to deliver that type of student.”

Watson is highlighting everything from kindergarten readiness to how graduates succeed in the workplace, not just reading, writing and arithmetic.

Tallman adds “Even if you have those, that doesn’t mean you have the skills that you’re going to need now to be successful. Some of this may be that unfortunately changes in society. They mean that kids aren’t getting things they used to learn in different ways.”

They’re looking for feedback from across the state which is something they’ll evaluate both statewide and by region.

Dr. Trey Moeller, the Galena USD 499 Superintendent, said “Hey, we are still on that long process of continuous improvement and moving to that place where, you know, really we want to feel successful about helping our students develop or acquiring tools and developing the habits, to be successful through the persistent pursuit of meaningful purpose for our kids to be successful.”

Galena was the 19th stop in a 50 city schedule for the tour. Wednesday morning it heads to Independence at 9:00 a.m. and Chanute at 12:30 p.m. There’s a total of 50 stops around the state, with a schedule that runs until September 9th, 2021.

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