Junior Humane Society program enriches kids with animal oriented education

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PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pittsburg families get together to learn basic skills to make sure they are taking care of their pets properly.

The Southeast Kansas Humane Society hosted families for a session so they could learn what foods their pets can and cannot eat.

They then made special no-bake treats for them mixed with old fashioned oats, peanut butter, pumpkin, and milk.

This event was possible after the Humane Society was awarded funds to start a Junior Humane Society program.

Once a month, kids get together for an enrichment activity that is animal based.

Makayla De-Luna of Pittsburg says,”It was really fun to learn how to make treats for your dog and to learn what types of food they can and can’t have. I didn’t know dogs couldn’t have grapes.”

Jasmine Kyle of the Southeast Kansas Humane Society says, “They are the future; it’s very important, you have to start young. Because they soak up so much knowledge and the thing is they hold on to that. And kids in particular because they will help share that knowledge with others too.”

Kyle adds the program has plans to partner with Good Boy Professional Dog Training.

They will be doing a community walk program so kids can learn how to correctly walk their pets.

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