JOPLIN, Mo. — A shooting in Joplin — involving three police officers being shot as well as the suspect.

One officer is dead, so is the suspect. It’s now in the hands of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.”

“He pointed a gun and me and I dropped everything in my hand and I booked it upstairs. And I looked out the windown and I saw him hop in my van,” said Levi Hendrix, Shooting Witness.

“With the first shots, I came running. He shot several rounds then a pause and then the police started shooting at that point,” added John Jenkins, Shooting Witness.

But it all started before that – at 1:22 this afternoon with a call to police reporting a disturbance near the store The Buckle near 4th and Range Line. It led to the exchange of gunfire between the suspect and officers.

“Suspect fled the area, pursuit ensued. Suspect ended up in the area of 9th and Connecticut,” said JPD Asst. Chief Brian Lewis.

That led to more shots fired, both by police officers and the suspect.

As that transitioned in to the follow up investigation, officers were quick to point out there’s no further danger to the general public.

“No active threats of community,” said Lewis.

The investigation is centering on both of the first two locations as well as one more nearby site, at Laura Lane just a couple of blocks from 9th and Connecticut.

“There’s three different locations that we’re having to investigate and to process and so there’s a bigger picture that we had put together,” added Lewis.

The ripples are being felt far outside Joplin, with State Sen. Bill White calling for a moment of silence on the floor of the Senate: “Sen. Bill White has asked the Senate to take a moment of silence for this incident in his home district. #moleg” via Emily Manley Twitter.