Joplin’s Stained Glass Theatre performs Variety Show this Saturday, fundraiser for building repairs

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JOPLIN, Mo. – Stained Glass Theatre, located at 2101 Annie Baxter Ave in Joplin, is performing a Variety Show this Saturday August 7 at 7 p.m. The family friendly Variety Show will include skits, songs and games.

“This is our third time to do the variety show. We’ve got some old favorites and some new stuff, and so it’s probably going to be two hours of laughing and that’s what we’re hoping for. It’s been a hard year and people just need to get out and laugh and have a good time,” said Director Geoff Hall.

The money raised from $10 adult tickets, $5 children tickets will all go towards much-needed building repairs. Tickets can be bought at the door or on Stained Glass Theatre’s website.

“It’s a fundraiser for the theatre, we need things like the walls repaired. The money that we got last time repaired the roof,” said Hall.

Stained Glass Theatre has been around since the late 80s. It is ran by volunteers and anyone is welcome to join.

“They always have spots for actors and actresses, set design. They have people painting, we have people that clean for us. Everything is volunteer,” said Hall.

Cast member Caleb Hilsenbeck has been acting with Stained Glass Theatre since 2008 and the Variety Show will be his 19th production.

“Acting is a lot of fun. You get to do things on stage that you in real life would never do,” said Hilsenbeck.

“It’s a safe environment, fun environment, great group of people. Being able to express yourself through characters in a safe environment is what’s kept me coming back here for so long,” he continued.

But Stained Glass Theatre also has a message.

“What sets Stained Glass apart is that it’s more than just a theatre. We’re a Christian theatre, we want to demonstrate Jesus through our shows. So that’s really the center of it,” said Hilsenbeck.

The next performance, The Enchanted Bookshop, will take place in September.

To keep up with Stained Glass Theatre, visit its Facebook page.

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