JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School District is preparing new students for the upcoming school year.

It all kicked off Saturday morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Joplin High School.

It was held by the Joplin Schools Transportation Department to celebrate the donors and sponsors behind Buster the Talking School Bus.

Buster is remote-operated and is designed to engage with students to help them remember bus safety tips.

“It’s really amazing that we can have that support of the community behind us and we’re just so happy that we have that support in Joplin,” says Eloise O’Reilly, Joplin Schools Bus Driver.

Buster got a chance to shine at the second Joplin Schools Bus Camp.

The free event helps introduce incoming Kindergarten and first grade students to school bus safety, and helps them feel comfortable around buses before the beginning of the school year.

“Excited and looking forward to the school year, and want her to get used to what she’s going to expect. I believe it will help with the anxiety of the first day, anything we can do to help,” says Rick Hasty & Kimber Marshall, Participating in Bus Camp.

Students participated in safety lessons, street crossing exercises and bus stop reminders.