JOPLIN, Mo. — “Service above self” is a key component of the Rotary Club of Joplin, and today a person who exemplifies those words was honored.

All part of the organization’s 4th annual Rotarian of The Year award presentation.

Audie Dennis is this year’s recipient. He’s the General Manager of Boyd Metals in Joplin and, among other things, is also the Board President of the Creative Learning Alliance in Joplin.

He’s been a Rotarian for 23 years.

“I’m a big fan of paying it forward, so to be able to, my passion is young people, and to be able to, in some small way help people succeed and to help Joplin succeed is as a community. It’s a great community to work in, live in, and play in, and just want to do anything I can do, however small to help this become a great place to live,” said Audie Dennis, Rotarian of the Year.

The Rotary Club of Joplin has been serving the community since 1916.