JOPLIN, Mo. — You usually have to be in a “Ghostbusters” movie in order to be slimed. But that wasn’t the case for three Joplin area Catholic priests.

Students at St. Mary’s Elementary had to raise a certain amount of money for the American Heart Association. If they did, they had the privilege of sliming Father Joe Weidenbenner, Father Brian Straus, and or Father Paco Gordillo.

Physical Education Teacher Margie Black says the extra incentive may be the reason students went so far over last year’s total.

“Doing the pick-a-priest and letting the kids have an opportunity to slime a priest for every $100 they raised is new this year and I think it’s largely responsible for the amount of money we raised,” said Black.

Black says students brought in over $8,000 last year but raised more than $14,000 this year.

This is the eighth year in a row her students have been raising money for the Heart Association.