Joplin Police share their DWI campaign #weareouttheretoo as we all ride along

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We started this campaign back in May where we want to raise awareness to deter impaired driving and then secondary we wanted to get those people off the streets that are a danger to the community.”

A bunch of cops didn’t dream up this campaign. It was created with help of an advisory group of community members. #weareouttheretoo

The community members wanted to let impaired drivers know they are out there – kids, families, others and their lives are endangered by impaired driving.

And then on the flip-side of that we are out there as police officers, just like tonight, we are out there too trying to find those impaired drivers.”

Another aspect of the campaign is that all the officers are playing a part from top brass to new officers. Tonight JPD Chief Matt Stewart is helping to enforce the campaign.

The Chief is out tonight, in fact he just performed a car stop. Some of our officers don’t have a choice, they have to work the holiday, so like tonight we can come out and be a part of the team.”

The next planned night of stepped up enforcement like tonight?  

St. Patrick’s Day, Capt Duncan says.  

Thank you to the City of Joplin and the Joplin Police Department for allowing Joplin News First to be a part of the campaign tonight.  Impaired driving affects us all.  

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