JOPLIN, Mo. — EAST TOWN NEIGHBORHOOD — Joplin is made up of about 90 neighborhoods that at one time were little ‘towns’ that were engulfed as Joplin grew. This fire that occurred on Galena Street on Wednesday is near where the 3rd Street bridge used to cross the railroad tracks in the bottoms.

<see image> Galena Ave is only a few blocks long. It jogs a little bit and is marked by the red. The former 2nd and 3rd Street bridges are marked in our photo too.

Try the interactive ONE JOPLIN map below for yourself to get acquainted with the name of your neighborhood.  To visit the ONE JOPLIN site click here.

We find this interactive map created by ONE JOPLIN showing neighborhoods is fascinating.  It’s a great resource.  

      One Joplin exists to create a thriving community of great neighbors. 

Knowing the name and boundaries of the place where you live is the first step in building a community where neighbors thrive together, building a sense of connection and pride for that place,” they state on their website  “Each neighborhood in Joplin has a unique heritage, story and name.”