JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin manufacturer is planning a multi-million dollar expansion which will add dozens of jobs.

Ajinomoto Foods is adding a new product line to its plant on East 32nd Street. The four-year old operation will spend $13,000,000 for the expanded space. The goal is to start production on the new line this fall.

Local economic development experts say this type of expansion is the most common for jobs added in the area.

“80% of all new jobs and new capital investment comes from existing businesses. So they’re not coming from those outside business attraction projects. And we’ve had a number of companies expand in the last two years, COVID did not hurt that in our area,” said Amy Kauffman, MO-KAN Partnership.

Kauffman adds the plant currently has about a dozen openings — and is expected to add another 70 positions when the new line opens.