PINEVILLE, Mo. — A Joplin man received 80 years in prison for charges related to sexual molestation of a juvenile.

The man, 40-year-old Bryon Allen Hansen, was convicted last year on December 2nd on two counts of First Degree Statutory Sodomy, and two counts of First Degree Child Molestation.

For each count of Statutory Sodomy Hansen received 25 years, and 15 years for each count of Child Molestation.

Prosecuting Attorney J.D. Hatcher, who tried the case in December, stated Hansen was “cold, calculating and manipulative and has refused to ever take responsibility for any of his actions,” according to a release from Newton County Prosecuting Attorney William P. Lynch.


The case was investigated by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by William Lynch, J.D. Hatcher, and Mitch Cross, of the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office