JOPLIN, Mo. — There was a celebrity sighting Tuesday in Joplin.

Award-winning country music star and American Idol judge Luke Bryan stopped to eat at Blackstone Gastropub on East Broadway. He and some friends were on a fishing trip in Kansas and had to stop in Joplin because they had helicopter issues.

They did a search for the best places to eat in town and Blackstone popped up.

After people heard about it and saw pictures on Facebook, they started calling the restaurant.

And continued calling today.

“Montana has been bartending all morning and the phone has been off the hook. People just wanted to know what did he eat, and what did he drink. So we were able to visit with him and he’s really nice and all of his friends were really nice. I think the most important part is that we just all realized that people pay a lot of money to see someone like that, get that VIP access, and we got it just coming into work,” said Amanda Stevens, Server.

So what did Bryan order? A Guinness, a Caliente margarita, and poutine.