JOPLIN, Mo. — The next step in finalizing a transportation contingency plan in Joplin took place today.

These are the four options should the city need to reduce transit services:

  1. Shift MAPS routes from 6 to 3 per day.
  2. 4 MAPS routes and reduce trolley hours from 7 AM to 6 PM and 10 AM to 6PM.
  3. 3 MAPS routes and condense the trolley system to 2 routes that would run on 90-minute loops from 7 AM to 6 PM.
  4. Eliminate the trolley service and stick with the 6 MAPS routes.

There were two public meetings, involving the plan, at City Hall.

The first took place this afternoon.

The options are being considered in the event the city doesn’t have enough staff to maintain current operations.

“I have a great deal of concern about this. As a city resident, I see the trolley system and the MAPS busses being used throughout the city, but my biggert concern is for our library patrons. I’m concerned they won’t be able to get the services they need and use on a daily basis,” said Lisa Brown, Joplin Public Library.

“Things are off-scale here, but the answer is ‘let’s fix it.’ We’ve got to come up with the money, we can’t reduce it. We made it through the 2011 tornado,” said Eileen Donnelly, Joplin Resident.

A second public meeting started at 5:30 and ran until 7:00.

As for what happens after that, the city will review all of the comments.