Joplin event aims to help families take precautions in the event of child abduction

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JOPLIN, Mo. — You can never be too prepared in the event that your child has gone missing.

Saturday, the Grand Lodge of Missouri helped provide preparation to families in the area.

At no costs to the families, the Missouri Child Identification Protection Program was held.

The five step ID program provides digital images and fingerprints, the child’s contact information, a dental bite impression, and ID cards.

All this is then put into a packet and given to the parents to provide to law enforcement officers if their child is ever abducted or missing.

Michael Lowrey, Grand Lodge MOCHIP Organizer, says, “Somewhere around 2,000 kids a day in the United States are reported missing or abducted. This is a way that the parents have a packet that’s ready to be handed over to the law enforcement officer if it ever happens. Everything in the packet is Amber Alert compliant. So the parent doesn’t have to worry in that moment of distress, having tried to find pictures. Having try to find emergency contact information, stuff like that.”

Since 2006, 250,000 children have been registered in the identification and protection system across the State of Missouri alone.

The Joplin Boys and Girls Club partnered with the Fellowship Masonic Lodge to put on the event.

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