Joplin COVID-19 hospitalization numbers continue their downward trend

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Dr. Alan Roth talks to reporters at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020. Dozens of clinics have cropped up around the U.S. to address a puzzling and troubling aspect of COVID-19 — the after-effects that can stubbornly afflict some people weeks or months after the infection itself has subsided. “We know this is real,” said Roth, who oversees the Jamaica Hospital clinic. He has been grappling with body pain, fatigue and “brain fog” characterized by occasional forgetfulness since his own relatively mild bout with COVID-19 in March. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

COVID-19 hospitalization numbers continued their downward trend this past week at Joplin hospitals, comprising of Freeman, Mercy, and Landmark. As of Monday, February 22, there is a 33-hospitalization occupancy of COVID-19 patients in Joplin’s hospitals. This is three less than the occupancy number from last week on Monday, February 15

This number reflects the number of patients currently being treated with COVID-19 at the three previously mentioned hospitals. The 33-hospital occupancy includes residents outside Joplin city limits. As of February 22, there are six Joplin residents hospitalized due to COVID-19. This is three less than, the number from Monday, February 15

According to the Joplin COVID-19 Dashboard, last updated Monday, February 22 at 10 p.m., there have been a total of 5,799 cases due to the Coronavirus in the city. Joplin has 42 active cases, a continued drop from last week’s 50 cases. There are 5,633 inactive cases in the city and 124 deaths, which is only one more death than last week. Last week’s death count was the lowest number of deaths due to COVID-19, reported in a week’s time, and that trend has now continued. There have been 15 new cases of COVID-19 in the last day, 67 cases in the last seven days, and 115 cases in the last 14 days. 

The dashboard’s graph shows there has been a steady downward trend of COVID-19 cases in Joplin over the last month. Residents in the age group 20 to 29 continue to have the highest number of Coronavirus cases in Joplin, with 1,225 cases—14 more cases than last week. Those in the age group 30 to 39 are second-highest, with 856 cases—14 more than last week. And those under 20 are close behind, with 821 cases—4 more than last week. 

Joplin is currently in Phase 1B—Tier 1 and Phase 1B—Tier 2 of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Missouri residents who fall into these two tiers of Phase 1B, along with those who fall into the previous phase who have yet to receive their vaccine, are now eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Phase 1B—Tier 1 includes first responders, emergency services, and public health infrastructure; this group breaks down to non-patient facing public health infrastructure, first responders, emergency management and public works, and the emergency services sector. Phase 1B—Tier 2 includes high-risk individuals; this group breaks down to anyone age 65 and older, and any adult who is at an increased risk of severe illness.    

The City specifies on their vaccine infographic that “supplies are limited.” The following vaccine phases include Phase 1B—Tier 3, Phase 2, then Phase 3. Vaccine distribution will advance in line with vaccine availability. The state of Missouri ensures that the COVID-19 vaccine will be free to all Missouri residents, including those without health insurance.     

For more information regarding Missouri’s vaccination plan, visit their COVID-19 website, which also provides a map of current and future vaccinators within the state. 

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