Joplin 911 Call Center launches new location pin-point system

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JOPLIN, MO. — An upgrade to a local 911 system will make it easier for emergency responders to find someone needing their help.

The Joplin 911 Call Center is now using a system called Rapid S.O.S.

It gives a much more precise location for wireless calls in city limits where the caller is unable to tell dispatchers where they are.
The old system only identified a general area.

Rapid S.O.S. has already saved a patient’s life through another 911 center in Virginia.

“The Rapid S.O.S. gave them right to the front door where this gentleman was. And when they got there – he had passed out and started turning blue. So they were able to save him and they wouldn’t have found him without that,”

The system only deploys when the call originates in the Joplin service area and any private information generated will remain private.

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