JOPLIN, Mo. — Fireworks will become more and more common the closer we get to Independence Day, but what you can legally do depends on your address versus the city limits.

In the City of Joplin, bottle rockets and Chinese lanterns are banned.

Municipal rules only allow the use of other fireworks between 12 P.M. and 11 P.M. July 1st through 4th.

However, if you live in Jasper County just outside of city limits, there are no bans on specific items. The county’s only rules come from the state which focus on regulations for fireworks sales and a common theme of safety.

“Things to remind everybody. We’ve had this unusual hot weather, dry weather, so encouraging everybody to have a happy safe 4th of July but let’s get our garden hoses out. A bucket of water, have some of that ready. Be careful on the grass because it’s going to be combustible this year,” said Dale Brooks, Joplin Fire Marshal.

Firework sales are already underway in several county sites and will kick off in Joplin on Friday.