JOPLIN, Mo. — Locals came out for Saturday brunch at the Joplin Empire Market all to support a good cause.

Saturday, Joplimo Mattress invited the community to enjoy food, shop, and listen to local musicians at the market.

All funds from the event will support the local organization Watered Gardens.

Officials are working to create the Joplin Washington Family Hope Center.

It is a $1.2 million project they are currently raising funds for.

Travis Hurley, Director of Advancement for Watered Gardens, says, “Now when a mom faces adversity [or a] crisis of homelessness, they can come to Watered Gardens. We don’t have a place for the kids, so often times they get separated. But we want to make sure that we have a facility, a space where they can stay together while they get back on their feet.”

Della Croft, of Joplimo Mattress says, “I get to positively impact the businesses, the communities, the income, the infrastructure of the Joplin area and be a change in our community.”

Joplimo donated 30 beds to go into the center when it opens.

Watered Gardens hopes to open the new facility during the spring of 2020 which will also mark the organization’s 20th anniversary.