PITTSBURG, Kans. — The Jefferson Highway Association Conference may have come to an end in Crawford County, but it’s left something behind.

Two new projects have been announced highlighting the history of the highway.

A new sign, similar to this one in Franklin, will be dedicated on North Broadway in Pittsburg, to honor what used to be the Jefferson Highway Cafe. The Miner’s Hall Museum will also receive a sign.

It’s being made possible thanks to a grant from the Jefferson Highway Association.

“They suggested that we apply, as well as other organizations, so it was a perfect opportunity for us since we are located on the Jefferson Highway. It was a total surprise, we went to the dinner not knowing that was when they were going to be giving the grants, and then our name was announced,” said Phyllis Bitner, Miner’s Hall Museum Foundation Trustee.

The plan is to also put up a sign at Ginardi’s Corner with the history of an upcoming project.