JASPER, Mo. — The Jasper School District will arm select teachers.

The district will have certain staff carry concealed weapons. The school board approved the move last month.

“We want you to know if you come to our school, you’re going to meet resistance. You’re not just gonna walk in and have free reign of our school and do whatever carnage you’re intending to do. We are going to do whatever it takes to protect our kids,” said Dr. Eric Findley, Jasper R5 Superintendent

The Jasper R-5 School District is bolstering security by adding concealed carry staff throughout the schools. The district is keeping certain details of the program under wraps for safety.

“For all of this to work, anonymity is extremely important. If I told you how many it was or where they were located or gender grade level, any identifiable information, you could narrow it down pretty quick. I only have 40 teachers so it’s not that hard,” said Dr. Findley.

The staff volunteered and will be going through a rigorous training program.

“Ask any police officer. You put a gun on your hip and you’re there to protect. You’re willing to take a bullet for your kids. You’re willing to step up and do everything possible to not just save yourself but every student in the classroom. It’s a big responsibility,” said Dr. Findley.

They have a school resource officer on staff half a day every couple of weeks, so the staff concealed carry will add an extra layer of security.

Dr. Eric Findley, Jasper R5 Superintendent
“We want to do what we can for our students. We want to do everything we can so when they get here off the bus and they have a great day at school, they get home that night,” said Dr. Findley.

Training for select individuals will happen this summer.

They will carry concealed weapons this upcoming school year.