CARTHAGE, Mo. — It often takes a fellow Veteran to help a Veteran going through tough times.

That’s the purpose behind the Jasper County Veteran’s Drug Treatment Court.

Ted Donaldson, Founder of Compass Quest Veterans Advocacy Group, says volunteer mentors in the program are assigned to a Veteran to help them break the cycle of addiction and criminal activity.

Studies have shown mentoring programs are often more effective in helping Veterans to turn their lives around and stay clean compared to more traditional methods such as jail time.

“And that’s a fellow Veteran outside the court system that kind of works with them in an informal capacity to help coach them through the process, and the process for participants is kind of long and arduous. It’s a minimum of 18 months but it’s really dependent upon how they progress through each phase of the program,” said Donaldson.

He says there’s a need for more volunteer mentors.

To find out more information about the program and how you might be able to help, click here.