JOPLIN, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff’s office is recognizing everyone who saved a deputy’s life.

The sheriff gave out Life Saving Awards to several people who saved Jasper County Deputy Chris Corbett’s life.

On Black Friday Deputy Corbett had a heart attack and was saved by a coworker who was supposed to be off.

“It’s pretty emotional. I got to see and thank everybody that had a part in saving my life. It’s pretty overwhelming,” said Deputy Chris Corbett, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

They recognized telecommunicators from Jasper County, Carthage Fire Department Firefighters, Mercy McCune Brooks EMTs, and officers from the Carthage Police Department.

Deputy Corbett now has plans to prevent similar events in the future.

“Another big piece that we are trying to do is thank the whole community by implementing AEDs into our patrol cars. A lot of members of the community said they would donate and put money towards a program so we are looking at that option, too. If we can’t do 20 cars at once maybe we do a couple cars a year and make the program happen that way.

Deputy Corbett is returning to his first patrol shift tomorrow morning.

“I’m excited now. I was a little bit scared, apprehensive. You think after having a heart attack that you might have another event like that and working in the county you could be 40 miles off into nowhere. Thankfully due to the sheriffs office policy we have to do a physical test before we can come to duty. By accomplishing that that made me feel a lot better about myself and my capabilities. Now I’m just ready to get back out there and do what I’m destined to do.”

Chief Deputy Derek Walrod performed CPR on Deputy Corbett for eight minutes before help arrived.

“I was wore out but totally worth it. But totally worth it. It had a great outcome. We just had a great team. The fire department, other police department, other deputies took over, and nobody gave up,” said Chief Deputy Walrod, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

“The award it’s nice to be recognized but the main thing is he’s here with us. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. When he left I gave him a hug and said ‘see you tomorrow.. don’t be late!'”

Deputy Corbett says he is now focusing on eating healthy and exercising.
He says everyone should stay on top of their health by getting regular checkups.