VILLAGE OF AIRPORT DRIVE, Mo. — After 22 years of service to her community and to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, one of “Airport Drive’s” very own has decided to retire.

Fellow deputies and community members held a retirement celebration tonight (7/28) for Jasper County Sergeant, Melissa Roughton.

Sergeant Roughton started with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office in 2000, but transferred to The Village of Airport Drive in 2008, working out of the Sheriff’s satellite office there.

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At tonight’s retirement celebration, “” Digital News Reporter, Dustin Lattimer sat down with Sergeant Roughton, and asked what her most memorable experience was while working as a deputy for Jasper County:

WATCH: Roughton Describes Most Memorable Experience In Law Enforcement

Roughton said working in law enforcement is all she has ever wanted to do, and even though she’s looking forward to retirement, spending time with the people of Airport Drive and “Stone’s Corner,” is something she’s not walking away from.

“I was glad to have this opportunity and to work for Airport Drive for the last 14 years. I’ve gotten to know all of these folks and it’s a very special community here. I will miss them, but I’ll be back to bother them if I can, haunt them a little bit.”

Sergeant Melissa Roughton – Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

Roughton officially retires at the end of the year.

For the next several months, she’ll be recovering from surgery, trading in her patrol car for a desk at the Jasper County Sheriff’s main office.