Jasper County plans to replace entire 911 system

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JASPER COUNTY — Jasper County Emergency Services is planning on replacing its entire 911 system. The board of directors met yesterday to discuss the 2021 budget.

Back in June, they were trying to upgrade the 911 call system by the end of 2020, but they were denied for a grant. So they’re now working on replacing the entire system before it becomes obsolete in June 2021.

The new system could cost anywhere between $400,000 to $900,000.

“We really want to go with someone who’s going to provide us good support and who has a really good track record because these are 911 calls, so they’re extremely important and we want to make sure whatever system we go with is going to be something that’s proven to be very efficient and very effective and that were getting the right product for the money that we are putting into it,” said April Ford, Executive Director for Jasper County Emergency Services.

The upgrades include getting new servers, hardware, software and computers.

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