JOPLIN, Mo. — Jasper County leaders are working on a spending plan for 2022 — and it’s much bigger than the average budget. The proposed budget comes in around $98 million.

“I certainly want to look at this and see if there’s something we can do for them,” said Darieus Adams, Jasper Co. Comm.

Jasper County Commissioner Darieus Adams is looking at potential two percent raises for employees.

“I would like to check the numbers and see if we can make that work,” said Adams.

It’s just one of the options on the table as the Jasper County Commission vets spending for 2022. One big difference – millions from the federal government for Coronavirus relief.

“We received a little over 11 million this year, and we’re set to receive about the same next year for a total of $23 million dollars. And so there’s gonna be a various projects assigned to that grant. We don’t know what that looks like just yet. We’re still in the planning pieces,” said Sarah Hoover, Jasper Co. Auditor.

The county will also continue construction on more than $40 million of projects, including a new courts building and jail expansion. Elections will also cost more in 2022

“We did earmark I think $350,000 to pay for the election,” said Hoover.

Some good news – sales tax revenue is up by double digits.

“Sales tax, we’re seeing a record high this year – it’s up approximately 13% I believe across the board,” said Hoover.

That will help give the county a chance to build reserves. That proposed budget will be available for public comment for a couple of weeks. Commissioners must finalize it around the start of the new year.