KSNF — Spring gardening season is here and is full speed ahead. Spring gardening is very weather dependent with the excess rain having a negative impact on the soil. Spring offers a transition period between cool season gardening and warmer season gardening.

While it may be too late to start growing your broccoli, radishes, and cabbages.

Robert Balek, with the MU Extension Office, says its the perfect time to start on your more summer crops like tomatoes, peppers, and okra.

“Once the ground drys out, we can work the ground and get those plants planted. We do not want to work the ground when it’s wet. If the soil is sticking to your shovels, the soil is too wet. We want to let it dry out so that we can work it without damaging the soil structure,” said Balek.

Balek adds to prevent unwanted weeds in your garden its best to use mulch to cover the open soil and stop those weeds before they get started.