MONETT, Mo. — Some local seniors are looking to the sky as they decide their futures.

“Just looking at planes up in the sky just defies all sense,” said Jenna Spencer, Senior, Monett HS.

That’s something high school students in Monett have an opportunity to learn all about. Their school is one of seven schools in the entire state of Missouri offering an aviation class.

“The math that they have been learning throughout the years and had those thoughts of, ‘well when am I ever going to use this?’ This is a great application base where they’re able to go, ‘oh this is how I would apply that,’ or, ‘this is, I learned this in science,'” said Marcus Reynolds, Aviation Class Instructor.

The seniors we spoke with today are planning to pursue aviation careers as their next steps.

“Having the opportunity to learn about aerodynamics and engineering and all of the components that go into flight and how we make planes fly, that’s just something that I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do that,” said Spencer.

The class gives students a chance to try out the field before making a commitment after graduation.

“And by taking this class, we would realize, wow, there’s multiple different jobs in aviation that we could end up taking. And, we could find a job that we would love anywhere in aviation and by doing this, we’re able to find the exact job that we might want,” said Marcus Young, Senior, Monett HS.

Students are also able to learn hands-on experience that they can take to college.

“We’ve, like, made a couple things like a hot air balloon. We’re working with gliders. Just kind of like, learning more about aerospace and like aerodynamics and just kind of, cause that’s the kind of things we’ll be doing in college,” said Ruby George, Senior, Monett HS.