CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. — Southeast Kansas Law Enforcement is advising gun owners to be proactive.

The application fees for concealed carry permits in the state of Kansas are about to increase.
The change comes after House Bill 20-58 was passed last year, increasing the price from $79.50 to $100.

While Kansas residents aren’t required to have a permit for concealed carry within the state, officials say it’s still something they might need.

“A lot of our residents like to get the permit because they travel to adjacent states or somewhere else in the country, and they want a permit to be recognized in that state. So anyone who has gone through the training and they’re sitting on their application right now and just haven’t gotten around to submitting it to the Sheriff’s Office for processing, I’d encourage them to go ahead and do that before that fee increases,” said David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff.

The fee increase takes effect on July 1st.