Iraqi man to head home after life-saving ear surgery in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Dlo Yaseen has spent the last few months away from his family due to a drastic surgery on his right ear.

Now, Yaseen is ready to see his family again when his visa expires on September 20.

“I’m so excited,” Yaseen told OzarksFirst.

Yaseen has had a long history of ear troubles. In 2010, he had surgery on his left ear. A couple of years later, he noticed his right ear started acting up while he was rescuing refugees with the organization Free Burma Rangers (FBR). Yaseen worked in Iraq with a Springfield man, Tim Hayes, to figure out how to get him back to Springfield for the surgery since it was not an option in Iraq.

“It’s a privilege and honor to be sitting on the same couch as this man because he’s enormously brave,” said Hayes.

Yaseen and Hayes talking about their journey

Yaseen had a three-hour surgery in late July.

“Tim was in the room and my other cousin. It completely was really fine,” said Yaseen.

After the surgery, doctors told Yaseen he could not fly until six weeks after the surgery. So, he spent that time traveling the country.

“I felt good, and then like two weeks after surgery, I had for like almost a month, every day is pain,” Yaseen says.

Yaseen had developed a small infection from the stitches on the outside of his right ear. This made Yaseen worried about his appointment that occurred earlier this week.

“When I wasn’t taking medicine, the pain started. When I was taking medicine, there was no pain. Because maybe I have to stay here longer. I hope not,” said Yaseen.

Yaseen now has a plane ticket to head home on September 12 and is eager to see his family.

“I want to go back to my family. Every day they are calling me,” he says.

Doctors gave Yaseen his wish and cleaned the infection, and got him on a new prescription.

“My family is so happy. I was talking with my wife, and she said, ‘Okay, I am going to come to the airport.’ To be honest, I tried to surprise them and not tell them,” Yaseen said.

Once back in Iraq, Yaseen wants to rest for a month then go back to helping refugees, including the recent refugees in Afghanistan.

“That is what Dlo’s life is,” says Hayes.

“I will be happy to help them. I will be happy anytime,” says Yaseen.

Yaseen says he considers America his second home, and he would love to come back with his wife someday.

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