JOPLIN, Mo. — A local tattoo shop saw plenty of business Friday, as did many others in and around town as well as around the country.

It’s part of what’s become a “Friday the 13th” trend, where many of them offer discounts or specialty tattoos.

Blacklist Ink on south Main Street, offered deals today where customers could get tattoos on their arm or leg for $50. This was the first “Friday the 13th” the business celebrated since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Which is probably why close to 200 people were lined up in front of the store two-hours before it opened.

“That was super exciting. We weren’t expecting such a huge turnout, but we are very happy and very humble to see everybody that lined up this morning,” said Mariah Vazquez, Blacklist Ink Shop Manager.

“Honestly, yeah the price, and my tattoo artist did a really good job,” said Drew Chotrow, Blacklist Ink Client.

Blacklist employees say they usually have 50 to 60 people get inked every “Friday the 13th.”