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JOPLIN, Mo. — Freeman Health System has released their numbers for the past flu seasons since 2017.

The document shows both ‘Influenza A’ and ‘Influenza B’ numbers for the seasons of 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020. The full breakdown can be seen below:

Flu Season Data

2017-2018 Flu Season2018-2019 Flu Season2019-2020 Flu Season
Influenza A: 1482
Influenza B: 1044
Influenza A: 2018
Influenza B: 131
Influenza A: 964
Influenza B: 1526
Total: 2527Total: 2149Total: 2490

2019-2020 Flu Season (Broken down by month)

OctoberInfluenza A: 1
Influenza B: 13
NovemberInfluenza A: 10
Influenza B: 13
DecemberInfluenza A: 22
Influenza B: 73
JanuaryInfluenza A: 179
Influenza B: 535
FebruaryInfluenza A: 486
Influenza B: 671
MarchInfluenza A: 242
Influenza B: 148

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