JOPLIN, Mo. — Local innovators who are ready to launch a new business may get some extra help with their startup.

Think tank Heartland Forward is launching a new program they call the “Idea Accelerator.” It’s a partnership with the Joplin Chamber, MOKAN Partnership, and other local groups to foster new and unique businesses in the area. That includes everything from entrepreneurial workshops and P.R. support to a $5,000 grant.

“When you come up with an idea or concept, it’s really difficult to launch that idea without resources, a pool of investors perhaps that can come alongside you and provide that support. So this is a program where we identify where that group comes alongside us – as economic developers in the region – to identify those individuals to perhaps drop into that program and bring that idea to fruition,” said Tony Robyn, MOKAN Partnership.

Up to ten startup businesses will be accepted into the program.

You must apply by May 30th.

You can apply by following this link here.