MISSOURI — Governor Parson’s state budget recommendations for the next fiscal year proposed new investment for Missouri’s public higher education – here’s a look how Missouri Southern State University will be impacted.

For fiscal year 2023 – beginning July 1st, 2022 – Missouri Governor Mike Parson included significant boosts to higher education funding in Missouri. While what’s included looks very promising, at any point the recommendations from Parson could be altered, noted MSSU in a release.

After discussions in both Missouri legislative chambers the final budget will be sent to Gov. Parson for his approval. Until that time, the currently listed items in the budget that will also impact MSSU are as follows:

  • A 5.4% core budget increase for all public higher education institutions: Equals out to about a $1.4 million increase for MSSU. 
  • $31 million in funding for MoExcels projects: MoExcels funding facilitates development and expansion of employer-driven education and training programs and initiatives to substantially increase educational attainment. MSSU could “potentially receive $767,732 in one-time funds to the Center for Digital Media and Virtual Production.” The grant requires a 50% match from the university. MSSU had previously received MoExcel grants in other programs.
  • $475 million in capital investment in higher education: A “transformational” capital project (as listed in the Governor’s proposal) that challenges schools to make a 50% match in funding. For now, MSSU would plan to match about $15 million for an overall $30 million project that would create a Health Science Innovation building.

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“I am extraordinarily grateful for Governor Parson’s proposed investment in public higher education and the future of Missouri,” said Dr. Dean Van Galen, university president. “During these challenging times, it’s heartening to know that he has made it a priority to invest in our ability to ensure the success of our students while bolstering our ability to meet their needs.”