CARTHAGE, Mo. — You could soon own a piece of Missouri history.

Later this week, the state will hold an auction for pieces of stone from the Capitol building.

“The lot behind me is full of beautiful and heavy pieces of limestone that used to be a part of the Missouri state capitol building. These pieces were replaced during the three year restoration project, and now are looking for a new home,” said Emily Manley, Reporting.

“Some of the pieces that are being auctioned are very delicately crafted by stone masons and so they are one of kind, very unique,” said Dana Rademan Miller, Chief Clerk For The MO. House Capitol Commission.

Century-old stone, bases of columns, and decorative pieces and pavers.

“When you’re standing at the base of the Capitol, you don’t notice that all of these small elements add up to what you see when you drive up,” said Miller.

You might remember from 2018 to 2021, the capitol was covered in scaffolding. The largest renovation the building has ever been under.

“What happens over years is water, air, we have a freeze, thaw cycle then occurs and sometimes just with time, those stones have deteriorated. Some of them, only about 5 percent,” said Miller.

Dana Rademan Miller, Chief Clerk for the House and member of the Capitol Commission says now, Missourians have a chance to own stone made in Southwest Missouri.

“When I look at some of these decorative pieces, especially, and not just the decorative, but some of the cornices and the coping that are carved. Tthese are artisans. They were Missouri workers. If you think 115 years ago when they were working on these pieces, the technology has changed, the industry has changed,” said Miller.

The money raised will go back to the commission for renovations inside of the Capitol.

Dana Rademan Miller
“But the larger project which would be making the building accessible, remediating some of the environmental issues, expanding that building to 21 century use, that is a 8 to 9 year project,” said Miller.

This stone from Carthage, Missouri could be another missourians treasure.

Dana Rademan Miller
“It is just a really neat thought about owning a piece of Missouri history and our capitol and the proceeds are just going to do good things for us in our efforts to protect and preserve the capitol,” said Miller.

The auction is happening here in Jefferson City on Friday, about a mile and a half west of the capitol on Industrial Drive. It starts at 10 am. You do have to be able to haul the stone away yourself, but there will be people here to help you lift it.