The Missouri Department of Transportation is recognizing National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 11th-15th).

JOPLIN, Mo. — Next week, April 11th through April 15th, is Work Zone Awareness Week, and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) is urging drivers to slow down and pay attention, when entering a road work zone.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is also participating in Work Zone Awareness Week, by being extra vigilant in Missouri’s work zone areas, looking for drivers actively breaking the law.

Sargent Mike McClure with the Missouri Highway Patrol said troopers regularly patrol work zones, ensuring road crews stay safe among the the traffic, however, during Work Zone Awareness Week, troopers on patrol will be “hyperaware” while inside those zones.

Even with a vigilant Highway Patrol keeping an eye on Missouri’s work zones, incidents are occurring at higher rates.

Crashes with protective vehicles with truck/trailer-mounted attenuators (TMAs) increased in 2021, accompanied by 17 work zone fatalities.

MODOT said these numbers make Missouri’s 2021 road construction season one that will unfortunately be remembered.

MODOT and the Missouri Highway Patrol is urging drivers to help reverse the trend in 2022, as Motorists are being asked to make smart, safe driving choices behind the wheel as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week.