JOPLIN, Mo. — When you think of going through physical therapy, you may not look forward to the potential pain, pushing yourself to heal and get stronger.

But Kendra Cochran says many times, it’s a better choice than other treatment options.

It’s a career she’s enjoyed for more than a decade. It’s just one reason she’s tonight’s Healthcare Spotlight.

“We have occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists,” said Kendra Cochran, Rehab Svcs, Clinical Coor.

It’s all part of the mix at Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center. And that’s Cochran’s work home.

“I’ve just always been drawn to that, to the healthcare. I like the study of human movement, like helping people. It’s just, it is a rewarding career to get to make a big difference in people’s lives.”

She started as a staff physical therapist 13 years ago. More recently, she’s taken on the role of Clinical Coordinator at the Rehab Center.

“So we get to do the fun stuff. The doctors get to fix them and then we get to see them through to get the results that they’re looking for and get them better. And back to where they were before they got injured.”

Kendra points out that rehab is generally cheaper and faster than other kinds of treatment.

“We help people learn how to use movement and exercise instead of medicine to control their symptoms and get better.”

She likes that her job gives her a chance to educate patients about taking charge of their health.

“Giving them power to understand what’s going on in their body, why they’re hurting and what they can do to control it and get it better. Just giving them some type of ownership over their health, over their condition,” said Cochran.